How to do On-page SEO Optimization by Experts

1. Google Keyword Planner to search keyword:

After deciding the topic to write article, there is a big problem for our newbie face to write an article for theirs blog sites. Keyword Planner is the best keyword research tool for everyone to find out the best keyword to write article.

2. Content Length:

The length of the content minimum should be “300” words, if you are writing just article. Otherwise if you are optimizing your images or videos then it should be 100 to 150 words. Learn how to optimize images for website for better rank in search engine results.

3. Using your Keyword in article:

  • How to use keyword in article is also one problem. Let me know you about it.
  • Use your keyword in the title of your article one time.
  • Use it in H1, H2 and H3 of your article.
  • Use it in first & Last Paragraph of your article one time.
  • Use your keyword as Bold, Italic and Underline one time as well.
  • Use it in the title and Meta description one time.
  • Use it in image Alt-tag.

4. Keyword Density:

Keyword density must be 2% or 3% maximum in an article. Don’t use your keyword above from this percentage.

5. Keyword Prominence:

Keyword prominence mean placement of your keyword in the article, on which places your need to put your keyword in the article for on page SEO. There are 6 places where you need to put your keyword in the article.

6. Keyword Proximity:

Proximity is the distance between the keywords in search results. Don’t use distance between your keywords.

7. Outbound Links / External Links:

You are learning on page SEO tutorials online from SEOexperts.com.pk. There is one other big factor in on page search engine optimization and that is the link because the internet is full of the links. Make links in your article to jump on other related pages or for sources.

8. Keyword in URL :

There is one other factor use your keyword in the permalink (URL) of your article. The perfect keyword can be rank high in the Google search results.

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