Top 11 Twitter Etiquette You Must Stick On

Twitter is one of the most important social media platforms where you can chat about anything, tweet anything special, be social, and very much user-friendly. In this article, we discuss the Twitter etiquette which I must have to follow.

The total numbers of words on Twitter are limited to only 140 characters and so you should be very careful while you tweet.

In this social media, anybody can be your friend;

this means that you can accept anybody as a follower or you can follow anybody in whom you are interested, and also you can see those people you are interested in following you.

You can also block some individuals and report as spam.

Here are some Twitter etiquettes,

which are crucial to know while tweeting on this social media network.

Twitter Etiquette #1

Do not use a tag consisting of a word within the message prefixed with a symbol or sign.

Twitter Etiquette #2

Be careful while tagging in Tweet; it is always recommended to use less than three hashtags to avoid frustration.

Twitter Etiquette#3

Ensure that you do not focus on followers! That’s the first mistake that people will commit. Look for engagement or association rather than followers.

Elicit questions from people by engaging with them. Then, they will automatically follow you.

This is the way to maintain the continuity of members in the long run.

Twitter Etiquette #4

Some tweeters do not come back or ignore.

This may not mean that they are not interested in you; instead, You share ideas and case study, which may help them to follow you with interest.

Twitter Etiquette #5

You have a limitation on characters like 130-140. Try to be crisper in what you want to convey. Express just in 110-120 characters, with a real message or punch lines.

This will automatically lead people to follow you.

Twitter Etiquette #6

Sometimes, adding profile pictures can make an impact. People may imagine you during the conversations. Trust me!!! This could be one of the primary drivers.

Twitter Etiquette #7

Just consider an example.If you have plans to see your bike or house, you will usually ensure that it looks attractive so that people will vouch for it.

The same technique or philosophy will apply even here. Ensure that you add some beautiful background, which showcases your attitude.

twitter etiquette

Twitter Etiquette #8

There are some instances where you may come across some spam accounts or ID. At that point of time, try taking the initiative in reporting them.

Twitter Etiquette #9

Ensure that you have a suitable description. This may be of great help for those tweets which do not know you or your discussion topic.

Twitter Etiquette #10

The most common issues in tweeting are to know how long you have to tweet. Ensure to keep it straightforward and clear.

Twitter Etiquette #11

The final etiquette is to make yourself comfortable; be yourself, and do not tweet to impress others or look for followers!

As mentioned earlier, everything should happen by itself; people will follow you if they feel you are genuine, and Tweet interesting stuff; otherwise no may how hard you try, you’ll never manage to earn their respect and goodwill!

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