What is Off-Page Optimization in SEO ?

Industry leading practices in the digital marketing landscape have completely converted into a more competitive edge as marketers take every step possible towards building a successful campaign. Search Engine Optimization in itself is a concrete factor of digital marketing which is related to almost all primary platforms of marketing. SEO for websites can be established in different approaches but is a composite of some management and analytics processes.

These project management progressions are all about measurement and analysis of the success rate of SEO, but the various fragments of approach of an SEO campaign remains the same, and one of such SEO campaign portions is off page optimization, in other words, off page SEO or off site optimizationSEO off page is all about implementing optimization strategies in the external areas of the page. And as the name suggests, off page optimization is a process of implementing tactics outside the SEO targeted website which is also focused at improved ranking in search results. Off page SEO is the mainstream of SEO in accordance with the creation of backlinks to a website which indicates the redirection of online traffic from an external link other than the SEO targeted website.

As SEO is a fusion of many techniques and skills, the whole platform has been divided into some of the segments which are primarily about proper management of SEO campaigns. The partitions are based on the skills utilized and the approach of techniques in achieving successful results. Techniques of off page SEO usually take place outside the boundaries of the website but are focused at delivering optimum results for the website.

Off page optimization activities are usually developed by acting on link building, social media, directory submissions and bookmarking. But these are again composed of some definitive steps which add to the success rate of off page optimization. So, following are some of the SEO off page techniques.

Link Building

As the most significant part of SEO, link building is a major part of both on page and off page optimization. Link building for off page SEO is usually an effort to building the authority degree of pages that is a constructive factor for search engines. The more the redirections to a webpage, higher is the worth of the web links for the web crawlers. But all links are not equal, as gaining visitors through an irrelevant link would just increase the bounce rate and isn’t good for a webpage.

So external links for redirection can be bought from institutions but with relevant and impressive figure. A good link for off page SEO is targeting the audience on the basis of the webpage type, and it helps send valuable traffic to the website which ultimately helps build authority of website.

Social Media

Social media, the best key to optimizing online reputation of any website is another technique of off page optimizationOff page SEO activities are usually concerned about building authority of webpages from external links and a big part of the online traffic is sourced through social networking sites. Content shared on social network helps engage the audience for the brand and even helps in redirecting to webpages that are crawled by search engines. Off page optimization in SEO is a major strategy of any SEO campaign as it not only helps in building the traffic but also enhances online reputation.

Directory Submission

Websites are listed in many places on the internet and is a good part of off page SEO strategies. But more importantly, crawlers look for listing of websites in various online directories and it is always an advantage to be listed in directories to compete the industry leaders.

As a strategic step, it is vital to take the category into consideration. Proper synchronization of webpages in online directories mean a lot as the category of the website comes under search terms and helps build authority. Offsite optimization highly relies on directories and the redirections generated from those.


As the name suggests, bookmarking is a process of keeping some links for reading later or reviewing again and it signifies the importance of the link. Bookmarking web links in social sites is a good strategy for off page optimization as it helps build quality backlinks for search engine crawlers.

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